The Legendary Chevalier de Saint-George (TV Docudrama)

The Legendary Chevalier de Saint-George is a historical 52 minutes TV docudrama (HD 16/9 Dolby 5.1), based on a book by Claude Ribbe Memoirs of the Chevalier de Saint-George.

It was co-produced in 2011 with France Télévisions (France 3).

Directed by Claude Ribbe (who also plays the role of St. George) the film was shot in famous places : Guadeloupe (Marie-Galante island, Basse-Terre area), Palace of Versailles (Grand and Petit Trianon gardens, Royal yard, Queen’s guards hall, King’s guards hall, Petit Trianon yard and staircase, French Pavilion, Madame Adelaide’s Grand cabinet, Fresh Pavilion, Dairy yard), Museum of Versailles, National Domain of Saint-Cloud, Vincennes Castle and Royal Palace.

The Director of Photography is Guillaume Le Mezo.

The actors: Stany Coppet (General Dumas), Jochen Hägele (Chinese Puzzle by Cédric Klapisch), Antoine Blanquefort, Victorian Robert Franck Boss, Elise Noiraud, Jeremy Banster, Bruno Henry and harpsichordist Marie Van Rhijn (in the role of Marie Antoinette).

The Legendary Chevalier de Saint-George received French public endorsement from DAIC, l’ACSE, CNC and Guadeloupe region.

It was broadcasted on France 3 (national network) in May and September 2011 and rebroadcasted on France 3 Paris-Ile de France in 2013. The film, not yet broadcasted abroad, is available in its international version.

The soundtrack is composed of St. George’s works, often overlooked, recorded by Ortheal in Studio Davout from original scores dispersed in Europe, and on original instruments . It’s available on CD : Choice of music for Queen Marie-Antoinette (Ortheal 011).

There are friendly allusions to this film in Tarentino’s Django Unchained (2013): young violinist playing a piece that evokes the one played by the young St. George, blue coat similar to St. George’s chosen by Django, equestrian pirouette performed by Django at the end of the film and, of course, General Dumas.


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Claude Ribbe Sainte-George

Born a slave in Guadeloupe from a settler and a slave, St.George came at an early age to Paris, where he became a celebrity during the reign of Louis XV, due to his talent and unbeatable swordsmanship, the Chevalier de St. George. Friend of Marie-Antoinette, the Chevalier de St. George is a towering figure in eighteenth century Europe.

He fought for the French Revolution and the abolition of slavery.

Composer and virtuoso violinist, he left us valuable pieces, which have been rediscovered two hundred years since he died.

Saint-George pianoforte



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